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Your Most Important Work and why you should do it first

Yesterday I went to bed marveling over how much I had gotten done. Then it hit me: the reason I was able to get so much done was because I did my Most Important Work first, which in this case was drawing practice. It dawned on me that the days that I get the most tasks done are the days that I prioritize the one thing that niggles the most at the back of my mind. That is, it’s the thing I’ve promised myself I’ll do every day but that I end up letting slip to the bottom of my to-do list: drawing maybe, or creating something —whatever the creative “should” is at the moment.

I believe that when I’m avoiding doing my important work, half my mind is on what I’m avoiding and I’m not fully engaging with what I have chosen to do in its place. Maybe part of the reason that I was so productive yesterday is that I got a burst of energy from having done the Most Important Work —because creative work truly makes me happy and rejuvenates me.

If you are a person that promises yourself to use just a little bit of your time for something you enjoy and then you don’t, I recommend trying this: go ahead and do that thing first. Then, when you are in bed and thinking over your day, see if you don’t notice that you’ve been quite a bit more productive than you usually are.

If you do this, or have any other insights or tips for doing your Most Important Work, I’d love to hear from you!

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