Multimedia Portfolio

I use Adobe software for most of my projects. All of my photographs and graphics have been created or modified using Photoshop (Ps) and Illustrator (Il). All video is edited in Premiere Pro (Pr). All sound effects were edited in Audition (Au). And most animated sequences were made using After Effects (Ae). All videos/animations were exported using Media Encoder. The newsletters were made using In Design (Id).


“Ground Crew Appreciation” (personal project) – PrAe

I captured this video, edited it, created the text animation, and, after considering audio alternatives, decided the soundscape was another pleasant aspect of the IU campus and good enough to keep for the video. All told: about 5-6 hours of work.

“Saving Face” (video art project) – Ae, Au

I came up with this story idea and went to work telling it. I used found images and collaged them into this animation.

“Tribute” (personal project) – AeAu

This is part of a tribute I made in memory of my mother. I wanted to combine her many interests, skills and loves into a short video. I made this with stop-motion and computer animation.

“Biophilia” (video art project) – PrAu

This was my first “video art” project. The professor gave us no guidelines or parameters except that it should be about two minutes long. I wanted to capture the beauty and peace of nature and contrast that to the construction (destruction?) that I see every day. Granted, it is a bit heavy-handed.

“My Coop Rocks” (video contest) – PrAe

I made this video to showcase our local food co-op as part of a national contest. I captured the video, asked for photos from the store, and borrowed music by local old-time musicians as an upbeat backdrop.

“NYC” (personal project – animation practice) – Ae

Getting objects to move naturally with computer animation is a challenge. This short sequence was practice for that.

“Lost Box” (personal project – animation practice) – Ae

This started as a story idea, but ended as more practice with getting objects to move naturally.

“Heritage Woods Soundscape” (NovoEd project – Creativity: Music to My Ears) – Au

Since beginning to work with video, I’ve discovered how very important the audio is. Therefore, I took a class in sound design. This was a project I did recently, capturing the soundscape of a favorite place to walk my dog.

“Art Museum Soundscape” (sound design project) – Au

This was one of our assignments in my sound design class. Capturing sounds and then mixing them is much more involved than I ever realized. I learned to love it! But, I am still trying to develop my hearing sensitivity.

“Scrambled Eggs #2” (desktop publishing) – Id

I wanted to learn and practice desktop publishing since I consider myself a writer, artist and designer. By putting these short “newsletters” together, I learned the software and a little bit about layout, as well as shared snippets of my life with my family and friends.

“Scrambled Eggs #6” – Id