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I am Yvonne Wittmann. I was born 1st-generation American to two very practically-minded parents who accepted my creative pursuits to the extent that they were a nice hobby, but certainly not something that you could ever make a career out of.

In a rare moment of personal defiance, I got my undergraduate degree in fine arts rather than business, as my father had encouraged. Immediately upon graduating with such an impractical degree, I entered graduate school to study for a master’s in ESL (English as a Second Language). My plan then was to travel the world, teaching English and making art on the side. Little did I realize that there is not much “on the side” time when you are a teacher.

After teaching in Hungary for three years (igen, egy kicsit magyarul beszélek), then living gratefully for many years as a stay-at-home mom, I am now working part time as an instructional designer and am still compelled to create. My dream is to some day make a living through something creative, be that design, illustration, fine art or other. It’s what I love best to do.


[This bio updated March 2017]

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