Happy New Year!

The holidays are almost over along with all that they involve: finishing up hand-made gifts, mailing packages, baking cookies, having guests. Just two more events on my horizon and then life can get back to normal… but I hope it doesn’t.

What I hope for is more making and less settling for a promise that tomorrow I will do it. This year I will be ruthless in protecting my time for creativity. I will draw. I will write. I will be a mother bear protecting my time.

May you also stand up to people, to tasks and to those seemingly-insignificant, practically invisible time-sucking …what? what are they? If you have read Momo (Michael Ende), —and I recommend you do!— you will know that they are the men in grey, smoking their cigars and draining the fun out of everything.


Someone had managed to avoid the men in grey. I came across this when I was walking in the woods. Let Making be a top priority in 2016!

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