Old project finished at last

It has been way too long since I’ve posted, and unfortunately that is mainly because I have not had anything finished to share. I am still quilting the Christmas wall hanging, I’ve made a few sketches here and there, made a couple more t-shirts for a friend, but I haven’t had anything new, exciting or even visibly in progress.

A couple of days ago, I had the idea to take my artwork out of the frames it’s in and re-use the frames. I’ve had this idea before and it’s easier said than done! While contemplating new artwork to put in the frames, I had an idea for a cross-stitch. So, pulling out my cross-stitch supplies what did I see but a project I started a couple (a few?) years ago. I decided it was worth finishing. In two days I’ve accomplished the task. At last, something to share with you!


I don’t know if I’ll want to frame it because of the obvious mistake in it. At the same time, I like mistakes sometimes. They show a bit of┬áthe human behind the error.

One thought on “Old project finished at last

  1. Hmmm. You’ll have to point the mistake out to me… Actually, don’t! I enjoy the creation just as it is. Sometimes evidence of the hand is better than that of the computer. Congrats!

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