Latest digital work

I am still learning and playing with my new Wacom tablet. I’ve been re-watching tutorials on Photoshop and playing around in the program so that I can recall how to do the things I’m learning. But oftentimes, I find myself drawn into whatever scribble I’ve begun and it gets more and more layers and more and more elaborate. Here’s the latest:

No Title

Working digitally is a bit like those boards that you can erase so easily: a little pen that draws black and you swipe something across it and it disappears. The good thing about it: you’re absolutely care-free —no fear of wasting art materials, no worries about mistakes.

As I’m looking at this piece, I have to admit, I’ve really not analyzed it at all. Does the easy spontaneity overwhelm good judgement? Or will good judgement come later? Honestly, I have no idea if this is “good” or not. At this point, it’s the process I care about, so I guess I’ll just have to trust that skill will come with more and more practice.