Viewfinder Project

Continuing the viewfinder drawings. These are approximately 2″ x 3″ and the plan is to make a whole bunch. I like the project, because I can usually fit one in even when it feels like a busy day (although you can see days were skipped). Each one is a like a 5-minute meditation, rather than an hour —just a little regroup/refresher in the middle of my day. I recommend it!

VFmidMay VFearlyMay VF25May

Photoshop, Illustrator and

Project 1

Sadly, my workplace is discontinuing its agreement with Therefore, I have been binge-watching courses that I desperately don’t want to lose. I have watched the entire Illustrator Essentials —12 hours of tutorials? 14? I forget. I did watch at double speed when I could, but it was still a lot of time. And worth it! I feel like so much of what I once knew is now fresh again in my brain. I also chanced upon a lot of little tips and tricks that I never knew.

I began a similar review of Photoshop, and since I already felt like I knew Photoshop pretty well, I have to admit, I haven’t finished —although I probably could benefit from it. Instead, I’m doing the Photoshop for Designers: Illustrator course, which is going through a number of design projects that combine the two. It’s good. I’m doing the projects, which is so essential to learning and remembering. With the essentials courses, I wasn’t always doing along with watching. But time is running out, so I have to work as efficiently as I can.