Little drawings

Goodness! Has it been that long since I’ve posted?! My goal is to post once a week, or at the very least, once every two weeks. If you have been looking for something new on my blog this past month, my apologies!

I actually have some ideas of things I’d like to add to this blog: interviews with creative friends and acquaintances being one.There are some good questions to ask, and it’s always interesting to see how other people approach their creative work. Now that I’ve written it, I guess it’s an official plan. Stay tuned! I will begin on the first one just as soon as I can.

So in the meantime, I’ve allowed myself to do anything, which lately means small and sometimes abstract drawings with color. I really liked my dandelion, so I have two more plants, although neither measure up to the first in my opinion. (I’m only showing one of them because I don’t like the formatting this site is putting on the portrait-oriented drawing of phlox.)

And I’m adding another¬†abstract piece as well. All of these are less than 4″x 6″.

Elderberry Untitled