Drawing, cont’d

My intended outcome in doing the 21-Day Drawing Challenge has come to pass. That is, it got me into a daily practice and I’m am continuing to draw each day even without the prompts from the class. I was inspired by some of the artists and websites highlighted in the extra resources at the end of the class, and I made this drawing:



If you are having trouble getting started or keeping to a daily practice of drawing, here’s a bit of advice one of the artists said: Tell yourself you’re going to throw away the drawing when it’s done. Then you don’t have to worry about it being any good. That’s how I approached this dandelion drawing. Contrary to what I told myself, I’ve decided to keep it.

Drawing and Writing

Part of the 21-Day Drawing Challenge was this “doodle” on cardboard. I don’t consider this a doodle. For me, a “doodle” is not something I do on demand. But anyway, I made this drawing of Jackal Man, one of the main characters in the book I’m writing.

This illustration reminds me of an illustration of a fox I’ve seen somewhere before. I don’t recall what story it was from, but it is reminiscent of it, so if it looks familiar to you, don’t worry –it’s sort of familiar to me, too!


21-Day Drawing Challenge

One of the perks to working where I work is that I have free access to lynda.com. I’ve found a lot of fun stuff on there –extras, I’d call them; things I didn’t expect to find. One of them is a 21-Day Drawing Challenge. I’m currently on Day 14.

Some challenges I enjoy, and some I… well, let’s just say I haven’t spent as much time on others. But I have to do something for each one, because –Yay!– I’m doing this with a friend.

So here are four drawings from three of the days. The first is a one-line drawing, which is something I have done often and really enjoy. The second and third drawings were what I like to draw. (That would be people I see around town or wherever.) And the third was to draw some abstract nouns; in this one the word was “anguish.”

Excuse the image quality. I took the pictures with my phone in evening light.

One-line Hand LikeToDraw LikeToDraw2Anguish