Baba Yaga illustration

I love children’s book illustrations, so I’m working on that rather than illustrations for random poems. I opened my anthology of children’s literature book at random and it was Vasilisa the Beautiful, a Russian folktale, which I know and love. In it is the famous (to Russians, at least) Baba Yaga. So here is my first illustration, colored with some awesome new watercolor brush pens from Japan. But I’m still learning how best to use the pens, and I was not completely satisfied with the composition nor the scariness of Baba Yaga.
This morning I sat down to make another iteration of the drawing and once I had it inked, I decided that those watercolor pens would have to wait for a different project. This time I used my Prismacolor pencils. Also, I found out that the watercolor paper I’d used on the previous drawing was poor quality, so I decided a dry medium would be better.
I’m much happier with the second one. Also, my study of the human head and body is really making a difference.