Two wonderful women, both from Korea, have been living in my town and faithfully attending the English conversation class I teach. I’m very sad to say they are both going home now. Each one gave me a beautiful gift, which was completely unexpected and extremely generous! I’m speechless.

The first is this pot, which is a gorgeous color and lovely shape. It was made by Ha Kyoung’s husband’s brother-in-law. Love it!


The second is this sweet little fabric bird. Jung A said she’d just been browsing at the library and found a book on making animals. She decided to make birds in particular because there are so many birds here. She’d shown us pictures in class and they were awesome! I am so touched that she gave me one as a goodbye present!


Slideshow Idea

I haven’t had much time to pursue new projects (nor old!), but I put together this short slideshow of pictures from my daughter’s showchoir camp. I liked the idea of focusing in on one or two people in a different way from the overused Ken Burns zoom. Okay, so some of it is a little trippy.