Finished Pullover

This is the knitting project I’ve had going since, I believe, January –a nice, warm, wool sweater for my daughter. She told me not to make her one because she didn’t want to outgrow it, but my mother made one for me when I was in high school and I’m still wearing it, so I made one anyway.

It was a pretty simple Aran design. My mother would have done something much more elaborate! But I’m happy with my first full sweater made with cables and decorative stitch patterns.

Excuse the blurriness of the picture. Also, I wanted to post the picture of my daughter wearing it, but her eyes are partly closed in the picture I got and I know she’d be upset with me putting an unflattering picture of her here.┬áRest assured the sweater fits– although the sleeves are long-ish. She certainly will be able to wear it for years to come.