T Shirts for Sale

Years ago, I made a couple of designs for shirts, had them professionally silkscreened and then I hand-colored each one of them. They were pretty nice, I think. However, I didn’t end up selling them like I’d hoped to, that is, in some local shops. Perhaps I was asking too much for a t-shirt at the time. I think I was charging $20 each — yes, for a hand-colored shirt.

Since then I have seen shirts going for $30 and $40. Short-sleeved shirts. Not hand-printed. Not colored individually.

I thought I’d try this again. I mean, I love doing it. Let’s see if I can sell a few. After all, this is the day of social media, blogs, whatnot. These were not available to me that first time around.

So, my first shirt is going to my daughter who is graduating tonight from her school of nine years. I thought she might like to have her friends sign it as a keepsake. I grabbed a plain white shirt I’d had stored away for just such an occasion:


And here is my second shirt, which I had the idea for while making the first shirt:


I also had this gray shirt in storage, waiting for the optimal occasion. What I actually want to do is to sell !00% organic cotton shirts, and these two are not that. I have already ordered a few organic cotton shirts to work on, but of course they are more expensive than these $2 and $3 shirts. Still, I like to do what I can to support only the best and most sustainable land practices.

How did I make these? I hand-carved stamps and used a brayer with Speedball fabric and paper ink. So no hand coloring for me this time. However, each of the stamps you see were hand-carved. Mostly by me. (The heart/key stamp on the first shirt was carved by my daughter who gave me the stamp for Christmas.)

Oh, and I carved this logo stamp this morning, so it’s on the gray shirt, but not on the white.


What do you think? Know anyone who would buy something like this? Should I pursue?

Sculpey animals and writing


The other night I had the opportunity to play with some Sculpey. I made these animals. Started with the (easiest) snake, then made the crow and jackal, then the rabbit because it seemed easy and finally the squirrel, which I originally wanted to make into a monkey, but I just couldn’t find the monkey in it. Three of these animals are characters in the story I’m writing, which since I’ve begun it, I’ve been calling “Crow Woman and Jackal Man.”

I have not talked about my writing much, if at all, because it seemed like I might jinx myself. But, I am pleased to say, that it is almost finished. That is, I finished a very rough draft, and I am now through my first major revision of it. Hooray! At this point, I feel I can finally reveal what I’ve been doing to more than just my family.

Next step is to ask my daughter to read it and give me some feedback. I hope she recognizes the import of my decision, that I’m entrusting her with this mewling and puking “child” of mine!