Positive thinking through podcasts

No artwork to post right now –at least not related to this posting. I just wanted to share some inspiring words and a podcast that I’ve recently gotten quite attached to. It’s called The Kickass Life with David Wood. And actually I only heard about it through another podcast I happened upon called Life in the Woods: Hope for Independent Creatives. So check them both out if you love podcasts like I do.

I’ve only downloaded a select few from each of these podcasts, but I’m almost ready to go ahead and be a full subscriber to The Kickass Life, taking my list of regularly listened to podcasts up to 24. Yikes! (That’s why I hesitate to add more!) Listening to it puts me in a positive frame of mind and also introduces some new ideas for me to consider. For example, in the show I listened to most recently, an interview with Les Hewitt, author of The Power of Focus, it was suggested to do away with to-do lists. My reaction: WHAT?! Never! But on second thought, it might not be such a bad idea. After all, when are my to-do lists ever finished? Isn’t it sort of disheartening to always have a long list –especially when the same five things show up on it day after day after day? How helpful is that? Is it giving me more energy and enthusiasm? No.

Here is a quote worth remembering from the same show (quoted by Les Hewitt from a mentor of his):  Your habits will determine your future. Woah. That is worth serious consideration. And as a follow-up to that: the consequences of your bad habits probably won’t show up until much later. Hmm…

From another show, an interview with Mary Paterson (Show #97), I heard this pithy little aphorism: No shit no flower.  Is that well known? I’d never heard it before, but it was appropriate to January 2014 which seems to have been a tough month not only for me, but for several of my artist friends.

So here’s to a February with no to-do lists, good habits and hope that the tough things we encounter will lead to beauty.