Not terribly unrealistic

Well, the quest to make “unrealistic” drawings is going questionably. I had something like a breakthrough moment when I was watching a TED talk by an expert on Leonardo da Vinci, who said that da Vinci said the painter should paint was is seen and what is unseen –or something like that. So I made this drawing, which I admit is not all that interesting:

Light_KleenexWhat you should know is that this was not the actual arrangement in the room I was drawing and there seemed to be a connection between the light from the lamp and the glowing white kleenex emerging from the box, and so I imagined there was sort of a magnetic pull between them. I doubt I captured that. Instead, it just looks like a typical arrangement of furniture and smoke coming from a box of kleenex. Ah well.

Here is a drawing I like, but again, it’s not unrealistic. It’s just minimalist. Perhaps I need to better define –for myself!– what I mean by unrealistic.



100 unrealistic drawings

When I draw from life, I tend to draw realistically and when I draw from my imagination, I often have no direction. It’s too random, like a doodle. Not that doodles aren’t pretty cool at times. But I want to draw with something in mind, but not so realistically. So I’ve started work on a new goal: to make 100 unrealistic drawings. Actually, 100 drawings, realistic or not, is a good goal, too. But this will be an exercise in not getting caught up in details or perfection. Ah, perfection. That is definitely a worthy goal: not to be obsessed with perfection!

Here’s drawing 1:

Unrealistic drawing #1

Unrealistic drawing #1