Back to the Drawing Board

Travels are over for the summer and it’s time for me to get back into a creative rhythm. I’m starting out by just drawing. I’d like to work on my proportions more, especially to get those portraits to look more like who they represent. But I find that when I start measuring and marking length and width lines, it’s pretty tedious and it rarely –so far– makes it look more like the subject I’m using. I will keep trying, but it is a relief when I just let myself draw without worries about proportions, perspective, or anything but line and composition.

Today I got out the charcoal to draw the shoes collected at the door to the house. Yikes! It’s been a long time since I’ve used soft charcoal, and I was really struggling. So instead I give you the much happier, much more enjoyable pen drawing I did afterwards!



I recently returned from a trip to Europe. It had been way too long since I was there. Took in a lot of art and ideas which I expect will be showing up in the artwork I produce in the near future.

In Europe you can find beautiful things everywhere. Check out this manhole cover, for example, which I photographed in Budapest, Hungary.