Automatic Drawing

I got the book, Expressive Drawing: A Practical Guide to Freeing the Artist Within by Steven Aimone from the library. My hope is to work my way through it. The first practice is called “automatic drawing.” The goal as I see it is to focus on the act and the process rather than the outcome. You go into it with no plan. I used a piece of white paper that must have been used for packaging. It’s wrinkled, but it was such a nice big unmarked piece of paper that I couldn’t bring myself to throw it into the recycling. Also, black acrylic paint and a wide (1-inch?) flat brush. The size is 24″ x 32″.

Spring Break & Project(s) Update

I have failed to add a new post for a few weeks and I’ll blame spring break week for that. Today is the first day back to school and work for my family and I’ve got the house (and computer) to myself again.

I’ve been working on a video which I hope to post eventually, but I get to it sporadically. There are so many other projects to keep me busy.

One thing I don’t believe I’ve posted about is the new Coursera course I signed up for. This is now week 3 of a six-week songwriting course. So far it’s all about writing the lyrics: stable and unstable number of lines, line lengths and now rhyming. I had to submit my first real assignment by today. It had to be an unstable verse that leads into a stable chorus.

Okay, I guess I can write them out. Don’t expect too much. After all, I’m totally new to this songwriting thing.

Spring break at I.U.
The students are gone.
Town’s still and quiet.
There’s snow on the ground.
Phil said just four weeks.
He was wrong.

Oh the groundhog was wrong
and the weathermen were right.
I’m afraid I’ve lost faith
in the groundhog’s foresight.

In a week or so I’ll get to see what my peers thought of it through the Coursera evaluation process.

So what else have I been up to? I’ve been playing piano each day (20 Minutes!) but no, I’m not going to record myself and put that up. Maybe in another year or so.

Here’s a drawing I did just a few days ago. It’s a representation of me and my siblings when we were teenagers — or rather, when my sibs were teenagers and I was still a pre-teen.


I recently bought a bunch of fun gel pens in crazy bright colors, a few Micron pens in purple, red and green, and a Le Pen in gray. I’ve been drawing really bad pictures using too many colors, but it’s fun. I feel like I did when I was in 3rd grade — drawing totally for the fun of it and not at all concerned about it being presentable to anyone. Ahh! Everyone needs a little of that. It’s like the quote, “Dance as if no one’s watching.” Nobody is — and what freedom that brings!