It’s in the low 60’s now and I’ve got my windows open to air the house, but just a week or so ago, it was in the teens and twenties. I took my dog for a walk and the ice in the stream beds was gorgeous! If it hadn’t been so cold, I’d have gone back for my camera and gotten pictures. Instead, I drew this:

Ice Inspired

20 Minute Approach

I was having dinner with friends, friends who are very musical. Their son plays the clarinet and I asked him how often he practices and for how long. “Twenty minutes, five times a week” was the answer. Twenty minutes a day and he’s that good?!

At home the following week, I started using what I’m now calling the 20 Minute Approach. All I have to do is spend 20 minutes on any one thing, be it art, writing, playing piano, studying German, reading a magazine that’s been sitting around for a month… pretty much anything. Suddenly nothing is daunting and it has really helped me to get started on things I otherwise put off with the excuse that I don’t have time for it “right now.” In fact, I do have 20 minutes to give and, it turns out, 20 minutes is enough.

The main thing is that it gets me going. I can do anything for just 20 minutes. Oftentimes, I’ll go beyond 20 minutes — and that’s great!

So if you’re a procrastinator like me –especially on the things you love to do– try the 20 Minute Approach to your day. Got an hour before you have to pick up the kids? Hey, that’s enough time to do three things you really love to do. Go do it!

Podcast inspiration

I have been recently turned on to the podcast, “Bullseye with Jesse Thorn.” I just listened to the best one I’ve heard so far in which he interviewed Aimee Mann from the 80’s band, Til Tuesday, and Seth Godin, “creative marketing guru.” Wow, what a rich podcast. Much food for thought.

I made this doodle from something someone said — I don’t recall if this was Aimee Mann or Seth Godin, I believe it was the latter.


I recommend listening to the podcast. I found out that Seth Godin has a blog which, it turns out, I had in my bookmarks already. I must have bookmarked it along with a whole list of recommended sites. I don’t think I looked at it more than once, but you can be sure I will be checking it out regularly now.

Holiday projects

Christmas is over and the family is back to work and school, leaving me with a moment of peace and quiet and time for a blog update or two. Since I haven’t written in a while, I thought I’d post a picture of one of the gifts I made this Christmas.

We agreed this year to not spend money on gifts, but rather to make our gifts. I knitted a pair of socks for one daughter and one glove (having run out of time on the second!) for my husband. But I still have another daughter who did not get any knit items. Instead, I wrote her a love letter and made a booklet out of it. Here it is:


I made two more love letters for my other daughter and husband as well. They were fun to make, even though they required a lot more time than I thought they would. Also, I had some problems with spacing. That is, I had to keep enough space between the cover boards so that it could close, but being only one page in between, I had to figure out where exactly to glue it. That will only make sense to you if you’ve made books before. Rest assured, they all turned out well. And the main thing anyway was the letter inside.