Design project

This is the final week of my Coursera Design class. Through the 8 weeks I had to work on one project. Here are the pictures of my beta prototype: a method for making cyclists more visible in the dark — something desperately needed here in Bloomington, especially on campus.
The goal was to make sure the biker is visible from the front, back and side. The idea of a bar sticking out perpendicular to the bike came from a neighbor and friend who said he’d used a reflector that stuck out from his bike trailer and he noticed that cars gave him more space as they passed.

My husband thinks I should get a patent on it. I looked into it and it’s probably more trouble than I want to go to, but we’ll see.
I highly recommend this course, which was FREE! Look up The class was Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society taught by Professor Karl T. Ulrich at University of Pennsylvania. They plan to offer it again.