what I did on my summer vacation

Hello again! Okay, time to get back to this blog. I did not mean to abandon it for so long. Summer has been hot and lazy. Mostly my daughters were home, I did not have uninterrupted time or space and I ended up just fitting in a drawing here and there. Mostly I was knitting — because I can do that even with distractions.

Just a few days ago, I sat down and made this drawing:

I was planning on doing more to it, but I’d rather move onto something new than try to remember where my head was when I left off doing this one. Actually this was a rare undertaking for me. Of course, you can’t tell here on the blog, but the piece is about 24″ x 30″. I have not worked that big in some time.

In contrast to that, I did this small (about 6″ x 6″) drawing today:

I believe it’s one of the strongest pieces I’ve done in a long while. Probably because I was pouring my distraught emotions into it. Amazing what a difference that makes. Just like when I write very freely and spontaneously, I ended up with something surprising. I realize this looks like the right-hand figure is holding a gun. It was actually meant to be his hand just pointing. I guess the gun was closer to the truth than the finger, though.

I am considering what this blog should be in the coming months: do I return to making and doing assignments? If I knew there were someone out there that wanted them, I’d continue. As it is, it’s only me and I think I’ll get back to just putting up what I’m working on. Or, let’s say instead, if I’m not posting about ongoing projects, I’ll post a new assignment, but it won’t be a weekly post.