Okay, let’s face it: summer is not an easy time to stick to any kind of schedule, including –it turns out– a weekly blog. I have not completed the last assignment, nor have I come up with a new assignment. I need some inspiration and I just don’t have it right now. It’s been hot (although today is an incredibly mild, beautiful day), the kids are home all day (no summer camps at the moment), and I’m distracted with things that are easier to complete when the house is not my own (like cleaning and organizing, or else just sitting and reading).

Tomorrow is the meeting of my fellow artists here in town. Perhaps that will inspire some new ideas. For now, forgive me. I have nothing to show, and I have few ideas for you.

Please feel free to write in suggestions!

Assignment #10

I am too distracted to come up with something good right now. This will have to wait until tomorrow. (School’s out — or nearly so — and I just can’t concentrate on this.)

On second thought, let’s do this: do a series of doodles. Do as many or as few as you want, but let it just be doodling around. That seems appropriate for right now!

completed assnmt #9

In one day –believe it or not– I managed to put together this video of my “studio.” And it’s only Tuesday! I hope to have several more renderings of my studio space before the next assignment comes. Enjoy!

Ack! I realized I used one clip twice. Will have to remedy that, but for now this is staying up.

Updating the blog

Back before I had a blog, I sketched out the whole web page as I wanted it to be only to find out later that that’s not how it’s done anymore. WordPress already has plenty of themes available and I could customize them however I wanted to. Well, for the sake of getting it done sooner rather than later, I grabbed a simple WordPress theme and got the blog up and running.

Now I’ve had some time to search for more flexible themes and to make my blog a little closer to what I’d planned. For one, I’d thought of titling it “an eye to see it” back then from a quote I saw: For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.” I liked that a lot, and I hope that my artwork isn’t just a bunch of extra web detritus, but hopefully meaningful to someone out there. I could just keep it all in my portfolio under my bed (and in my basement), but people tell me art is meant to be seen. Therefore, the blog.

Mostly this blog is to keep me active. Whether or not anyone’s looking, I will keep working. But there are times when I let family take over my life. Each time I return to creativity, it’s such a relief. Like I hadn’t been breathing before. So I will update my blog with ongoing projects just so I don’t forget to breathe!

Assignment #9

This past weekend I visited a number of artists’ studios. It’s always interesting to me to see where people are doing their work. Even better would be to watch them doing it — and some were working, but most weren’t.

This week’s assignment: show where you work, or show where you wished you worked. Any medium, as usual.

completed assnmt #8

I did not spend as much time on this as I’d hoped. I wanted to go out and walk around the city to find interesting objects I could use. Never found the time to do that, though. Here is a simple collage I made using some rough paper that my daughter made when she was in 1st grade (I think). She was going to throw it away.