Assignment #4

This assignment was supposed to go up on Tuesday, but my internet connection has been extremely flaky lately. Here’s finally a chance for me to get something up. I hope. Since it’s now Friday, this assignment will be a 2-week (or 1 1/2 weeks) assignment.

Take a painting by a well-known artist and set up a still-life from it. It could be setting up a still-life based on one of C├ęzanne’s still-lifes, or it could be a still-life based on a painting with figures, say Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. It could be as exact as you can make it to the original, or it can be modified. Now make something of it.

sketches for assignment 3

Did I just have a lot going on this past week or was it that I wasn’t very inspired by my last assignment? Maybe a little of both. I only ever did a few sketches. It’s strange how difficult it is for me to reduce figures and such to simpler and simpler forms. That is something I will continue to work on.

Assignment #3

Okay. We don’t want to let assignment #1 be forgotten, so let’s incorporate it — or even just an aspect of it — into a new piece. In fact, I think the assignment should be to do at least 3 different pieces off of the sketch (or sketches) made at the art museum. Ready, set, go!

completed assn #2

The assignment was to do 1-5 pieces off the same photograph, and I sketched out some more ideas to do but unfortunately I didn’t have time to sit down and do them.
Here are the three (two) that I did have time for. The first was using Stabilo watercolor crayons — a medium I have enjoyed using in a lot of the work I have on my website. I hurried as I worked, so it’s pretty rough. I was trying to get it ready in time to take to art group. As is my wont, I was too lazy to go back later and work on it more.

assignment 2, piece 1

My second piece was using a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen. I’m not usually one for doing lots of lines, so this was an unusual undertaking. It turned out not to be as tedious as I thought. In fact, it was quite meditative and the morning hours flew by.

assignment 2, piece 2

My third is not really a third piece, it’s just coloring in the second piece. I sat for a while wondering if I should do anything more to the drawing. I took a picture of the black and white and then went ahead and colored it. I used Prismacolor pencils.

assignment 2, piece 3 -- sort of

Assignment #2

Assignment #2 is to work from a photograph. (This was a big no-no when I was taking art classes at IU. Not sure why, because I’ve seen several artists who work from photographs.) Do 1 to 5 pieces using the same starting photograph. Feel free to vary the media you use on each one.

fulfilled assnmt #1

I went to the IU Art Museum on Wednesday to fulfill assignment #1. There was a special exhibit of works by Perle Fine, an artist I admit that I had never heard of. (In fact, I wasn’t sure if “Perle Fine” was a name or some sort of art technique!) I was not all that impressed with Perle Fine. There were a few worth looking at, but I ended up spending more time on the MFA exhibit next door. Then I realized that I only had about 30 minutes to find a work to sketch. I needed to catch a bus home again in time to take my daughter to the dentist. So I quickly made these drawings. The original is pretty big. The horse is not life-sized, but the whole statue is probably 5′-6′ high.

One thing I noticed about myself and this assignment was that I am more attracted to the sculptures. I guess I like having the option of different perspectives. Part of my mind niggled at me, though: should I try my hand at sculpture? Something to consider…

Assignment Project

There are just too many things to do in a day, and yet, I can’t keep using that excuse for not spending time on artwork. What is the real issue here? I know I am not the only one who, since leaving art classes and professors behind, has trouble figuring out WHAT exactly to do when I sit down at my drawing table. Paper out, pens and pencils neatly ordered, inks, colored pencils, watercolors, everythingandanything I could want available… and yet, where do I begin? What do I want to draw? What do I want to “say?” This is the curse of no homework assignments.

Okay, so. New Project. I am now embarking on an assignment project. Each week I will set an assignment. Then I will do the assignment and post my results. You are welcome to join me in completing the assignments! I am going to try to make the assignments open enough for artists of all different media to use, but if I fail in that, please adapt the assignment in any way you see fit.

A trip to the art museum.
Go to the art museum and pick a painting or sculpture to draw. Make a whole bunch of notes all over your drawing about what strikes you about the work and what you especially like or find challenging about it. Make it as sketchy or messy as you want. This is not supposed to be an exact replica! We will revisit this piece in future assignments.