continuing on an old project

I finally finished my video tribute to my mother. It only took two years! (Ack!) But I still have another mom project going and that is to finish the Amish quilt she was working on when my father died. She couldn’t bring herself to pick it up again after that, but after she died, I decided I would finish it. She was hand-quilting it and so I am continuing to stitch away at it. I have two borders left to quilt before I bind the edges. It’s coming along. If I would just sit at it for a little while each day (the advice my mother always gave for getting projects done), but I’m often caught up in other projects and tasks. But really: I am going to finish this quilt. And soon!

texture exercise

A friend of mine is back in school to study illustration. That is something that I would love to do! So instead of entering an art program somewhere myself, I am doing some of the assignments that she is getting in her classes. One of them was to make 63 1″x 1″ textures, mainly using a Micron pen. Here are my pages of textures. I made 60, not 63 — for the simple reason that 60 fit nicely on three pages and I didn’t want to waste a whole page on just three more. Okay, let’s be completely honest about it: I was too lazy to do an extra three! (Why 63, anyway?! How did the prof come up with that number?)

in my free time

In my free time I’ve still been adding to my art journal. I am not including pictures of specific pages, just an idea of the finished pages. It is personal, after all! I really enjoy working in it. Knowing it’s only for me is so freeing. I can do anything: make mistakes, experiment. I need to carry that attitude to everything else I do, too!

Slowly but surely filling up