I have to add a new picture of the dog, too. Mara got this photo last weekend in Brown County State Park. Luxa is looking awfully well-behaved and sweet here. She usually is, but she’s certainly got the puppy energy!

Strange Fruit… and sound design

My daughter and I went on a trip together for her fall break and when I was looking through her photos, I found these pictures of Strange Fruit from this year’s Lotus Festival.

What a surreal experience it was to watch them swinging through the air. And what I recall from that performance is that the sound design was awesome and essential to their performance.
I am still working on my own sound design projects for the class I’m auditing. The last project was to record, edit and mix audio to go with a given video. Unfortunately, the video was not very compelling to me — a major element of it centering around bacon and steak. Yuck! But that project is done, thank goodness.
Now we are creating soundscapes and I’ve chosen to recreate the IU Art Museum. I was hoping for something pretty straightforward and simple. We’ll see about that! Time for me to get started on the sound editing now…