creative frenzy

My art group watched an inspiring and depressing documentary called Who Does She Think She Is? It spurred a frenzy of activity from me. Despite unfinished projects which are usually my excuse for not beginning anything new, I decided to start a new cross-stitch. It was just one of the many things I’d envisioned in my head when I went to bed with my head spinning from the movie. It’s nice to get back to stitching again. It’s a nice change.

tangent to the art journal

I love stamps as much as the next person. I went out and got some Staedtler carving… um, stuff. It’s fun and easy. Now I have a bunch of new stamps! Here are some pages of design ideas and then the stamps themselves. I experimented with wallpaper-like patterning and borders. And they worked!

new art journal pages

This is a pretty fun ongoing project. I like all the prep I have to do to the pages before setting down anything permanently. It gives me time to think while already moving in a creative direction. Every creative project should have that — and I suppose it does, if it’s done right.