a new distraction

Meet the newest member of the family! Luxa Elsina had been abandoned with her mother and littermates. Now she’s ours! Sweet puppy, rather skinny yet. Her mom was a German Shepherd. Her dad is unknown. We brought her home on Sunday, the 28th. A couple of sleepless nights is not helping my productivity — but it’ll get better again, I’m sure.


our new puppy

art journal

I had a 60% off coupon at JoAnn’s and decided to use it on a book. I bought The Art Journal Workshop by Traci Bunkers. Of course, even though I have several unfinished projects and more on the to-do list, plus a new sound design class I’m starting, I had to start work on my own art journal. Here is my first two-page spread. The quality of the photo isn’t great — but then, I wasn’t planning on your being able to read it all anyway.

Art Journal

The latest new project

Stop-motion project

I have been working on a video/tribute for my mother for quite some time. It will consist of several short projects. Here is one (nearly) finished section of it.

I was going to put it up earlier, but the audio I used wasn’t allowed. In the meantime, I’ve found a nice site, musopen.org, that has public domain music. I wasn’t always able to listen to it before downloading it, but it’s a good site to remember for future projects.

figure drawing

There is a big difference in the drawings in which I am looking at the figure and in the ones that I’m doing from memory. I’ve decided that I need to understand anatomy a whole lot better than I do. Not that I always want to draw realistically, but I do feel like knowing the human anatomy better can only help.

So first of all, I started copying drawings from a book I have on drawings by Russian artists. I figure, Michaelangelo had to study and copy for years before he was allowed to put paint brush to … well, walls and ceiling. Although I was taught how to see, I was not taught human anatomy. Wish I had been.


copy from a drawing by Kiprenski

I also took out my sketchbook while hanging around a library with nothing better to do. Here were the teenage boys that I had to pretend I wasn’t studying and drawing.


teenage boys at the library

summer travel sketches


I have been absent from my blog because of some traveling with my family. I took my heavy sketchbook, as I always do, but this time I even pulled it out and used it! The best sketches are from when my family wasn’t standing around waiting for me to finish!
Excuse the poor quality of the photos. I took them with my iPod and probably not in the best light. Tried to even out the levels a bit on Photoshop.

I used an HB charcoal pencil for all of these. Usually I use a Pentel pen, but a friend’s sketches from her vacation inspired me to try it with the charcoal. I’m glad I did!