Faux Printmaking

I say “faux” only because I have done woodcuts, intaglio, serigraphs and lithography and this is not that. This is the easiest of relief printing on an eraser-like substance — not even linoleum, which is easier than wood. But it is fun and doable without a printing press, and I love the look of relief prints, so I am doing it.

Carving is a very satisfying activity to me. It’s meditative and the results are usually pleasing. I was helping to carve some of these “stamps” for Lotus. (See my designs that I submitted to the Lotus project.) I was working on someone else’s design, and I thought, you know, I’d really like to make more of my own! So with my Dick Blick birthday gift certificate I got some of the carving material and some ink. I haven’t printed anything yet –except for test prints– but you can be sure I’ll post pictures when I do.