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Stop Being So Serious

photo of long grasses next to a building

This blog has changed from sharing mostly my visual projects and occasionally my writing to now sharing mostly writing and thoughts and the occasional visual project. The two really can’t be separated even though in my head I’ve been keeping them separate for a long time.

Fears about starting a “new” blog:

  • it’s not polished enough
  • no one reads it anyway
  • guilt, inevitable guilt when I don’t post as regularly as I’ve promised myself I would

Reasons to keep blogging:

  • it’s the optimistic thing to do: maybe someone is reading it and getting something out of it
  • some thoughts are worth sharing
  • hey, I’ve already got this domain —might as well use it

I just made the image above using Photoshop. It’s an experiment/learning project. Everything should be an experiment and learning project. That is what this blog is. That is what my life is —or should be, and I hope I always remember to take this attitude.

LESSON OF THE DAY: Experiment —and have fun with it!

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